Architectural drawings to Use. Wear. and Gift. - 100% Hand-drawn + Handcrafted in PGH, PA since 2012

KLoRebel Art is the work of native Pittsburgh artist and small business owner, Kirsten Lowe-Rebel.


With a strong connection to time and place, Kirsten’s artwork reflects the architecture, landmarks and grit of her hometown of Pittsburgh. She continues to add to her stock of skylines and urban landscapes when she travels to new destinations. Kirsten's work embodies an intimacy with architecture, large structures, memory and pride. Her product line is a more secular parallel to the traditional religious art and decor she has always admired.

In an effort to learn a new skill and spend some time with her Grandfather (in his garage work-shop) KLoRebel started out and remains a one woman operation. A small brand with great influence from her family. Her textiles are digitally printed by her Uncle and up until 2017 they were exclusively sewn by Kirsten’s Grandma (and head of the textile department). KLoRebel has since become one of the first small businesses to work with “Sew Forward” an East End of Pittsburgh, start up/community program and effort securing job placement for their graduates, some being refugees.

Kirsten also offers custom house, venue, and business portraits. She creates one-of-a-kind commissioned drawings for personal and corporate gifts and works with non-profits and museums, providing exhibition packages. Some of her favorite clients have been the Pittsburgh Ballet Theater, Carnegie Library and Natural History museum in addition to the Frick - Pittsburgh & PNC bank.